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  1. Complete this form. Answer the short answer question for each of the apprenticeships of interest to you. These can be paragraph answers that reflect your thoughts - please do not write an essay for every question.

  2. Email your cover letter, resume, and list of references to jobs at dorsettheatrefestival dot org.

We must receive BOTH this form and your emailed materials for you to be considered.

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On what date you are available to be in Dorset, Vermont and begin work? *
On what date you are available to be in Dorset, Vermont and begin work?
Most apprenticeships will begin Tuesday, May 28, 2019.
When can you work until? *
When can you work until?
Most contracts will end Monday, September 2, 2019. Every year there are apprentices who need to leave early to get back to school. Please be honest (and realistic) about how long you will be able to work so we can plan accordingly. If you are not returning to school or do not have plans for Fall 2019, enter 09/13/2019 to indicate your availability for the full season.
Will you bring a car with you to Dorset?
This question is optional and does not affect our decision-making. Mostly, it's good information for us to have written down later - if you're hired!
For which apprenticeship(s) are you applying? *
You may select as many as you wish, but it might be a good idea to indicate your top three choices. Answer the short-answer question (below) that corresponds to each of the boxes you check.
For which apprenticeship(s) are you most qualified? *
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Write about a time you were responsible for maintaining a routine but ended up not being able to do so. What was the impact, and what did you learn? (250 words max.)
Write about a time you were in charge of something but felt unprepared. You can be honest about the outcome. (250 words max.)
Yesterday was the day a new company of artists arrived to begin rehearsals. The day went perfectly for Company Management!! Describe what happened. (250 words max.)
An investor is interested in helping you open your very own restaurant. Where will it be, and what will it be like? (250 words max.)
What is your dream theatre job? How will a summer in the box office help you on your way? (250 words max.)
Why does production management interest you more than other available apprenticeships? Why aren’t you quite ready to be THE production manager? (250 words max.)
Aside from the demands of the schedule, what do you think will be the biggest difference between this position and your set construction experience so far? (250 words max.)
What is the best part about being a scenic painter? What does it mean to be both an “artist” and a “technician”? (250 words max.)
If you were in charge of writing three “rules” for working backstage, what would they be? Explain as necessary. (250 words max.)
Where is your favorite place to shop for props? Write about a time you relied on your own personal style to accomplish a task in the theatre. (250 words max.)
Are you more confident in lighting or sound? Assuming you have something still to learn about one or both, why are you a good candidate for this cross-departmental position? (250 words max.)
Write specifically about three qualities you think are part of your personal style as a stage manager. How do these qualities affect your work? Do you notice that some qualities have been a part of you longer than others? (500 words concise!)
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Submit your cover letter and resume to jobs at dorsettheatrefestival dot org as soon as possible. The subject should read "FIRST NAME LAST NAME Apprentice Application." Type something in this field to indicate you understand that filling out this form does NOT complete your application.