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  • Manchester’s Own Ghost Story

    Many of you will recognize actor Oliver Wadsworth as a DTF favorite.  Most recently he played Oscar Wilde in the 2015 summer hit- Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Jersey Lily.  He also can be remembered for DTF productions of Murder on the Nile, Barefoot in the Park, and Noises Off.  He has performed…  Read More

    What do Outside Mullingar and Vermont have in common?

    While we’re working on Outside Mullingar, a play about love and farming in Ireland, I decided to talk to some Vermonters–specifically, farmers–about why they love the land here. Last week I got to talk to Angela from Someday Farms, one of my favorite stands at the Dorset Farmer’s Market on Sundays. I also got to talk to…  Read More

    Networking: or, Theater Family

    When I first started running the Instagram and Twitter for DTF, I found myself wanting to tag every picture with #theatrefamily. I don’t really know if that’s a hashtag that people use or search for, but so many of our photos, I felt, could be described that way. The familial aspect of theater is something…  Read More

    Summer Swing Gala

    This weekend saw our bi-annual Gala, which was hosted at the beautiful Marble House Project this year. We’re also excited to be hosting our new play readings there. The Marble House Project is a new collaborative partner for us this season, and I’m so excited about it. It’s a stunning place, and it’s an organization that really…  Read More

    Just in time for the Holiday Weekend

    Hello Again! I don’t know about you, but I thoroughly enjoyed Krista’s post on Opening Night traditions. Openings (and other celebrations like them) are often some of the most memorable parts of a summer spent at the Festival. Thinking about traditions and celebrating got me thinking about this weekend, which is of course, the Fourth…  Read More

    Thoughts from an Intern on Intimate Apparel

    It is so exciting to be reading the reviews from the opening of Intimate Apparel this weekend. At the theater, we were all profoundly impacted by the story that Lynn Nottage so expertly crafts, and to know that our audience felt the same way makes all of the hard work we do worth it. When…  Read More

    Opening Night: The Light at the end of the Tech-Tunnel

    In the spirit of this blog being an insight into the way theatre actually happens here at DTF, I write this blog post to give you a glimpse into the most infamously difficult part of making a play: Tech Week. Our tech for Intimate Apparel technically started on Tuesday, but the ordered chaos of the…  Read More

    Our Young Playwrights

    One of my favorite events of the summer was this Monday night at the playhouse. I hope you were there, and if you weren’t, I’m sorry you missed it! Here’s what went down. On Monday evening we welcomed the winners of our fourth annual Jean E. Miller Young Playwrights Competition, along with family, friends, educators…  Read More

    The Stinky Cheese Man is up and running (Catch him while you can!)

    It’s been a crazy first week at DTF. We opened our season with The Stinky Cheese Man on Saturday and it’s such a great show. I love when we have the opportunity to bring theatre for young audiences into the community, because it’s such an important thing, to get children involved in the arts from…  Read More

    A Great Start to the Summer!

    Hello again! Today things really got started over at the Playhouse. We had our first meet and greet of the season, where staff and apprentices from all departments, along with the cast and creative team for the first play, get together to enjoy a lovely breakfast spread provided by our awesome company management team and…  Read More