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  •   |  What do Outside Mullingar and Vermont have in common?

    While we’re working on Outside Mullingar, a play about love and farming in Ireland, I decided to talk to some Vermonters–specifically, farmers–about why they love the land here.

    Last week I got to talk to Angela from Someday Farms, one of my favorite stands at the Dorset Farmer’s Market on Sundays. I also got to talk to her son Birch, a nine-year-old who has lived on the farm since he was two. He likes living on the farm though he reported that sometimes, working in the greenhouse was hot. Lastly I got to talk to Scout Proft, who owns the farm.

    I’m thrilled to keep chatting with farmers as the show goes on. Check back here, and check our twitter (twitter.com/summertimedtf) for more!